28 April 2023: Go Travel will roll out its new 3-tier travel pillows strategy across the Asia region as the company returns to the TFWA Asia Pacific conference 7-11 May in Singapore.

“We are delighted to be returning to the TFWA Asia Pacific showcase after a three-year hiatus,” said Denz van der List, VP of Sales for Go Travel. “This time around we have a new retailer-led strategy to share with existing and new travel retail partners and we look forward to sharing in more detail our focus on ‘right product, right place, right price’ for our travel pillows.”

Go Travel’s 3-tier strategy for travel pillows comprises:

  • Memory ZZZs – affordable, entry-level product focused on value for money
  • Memory Dreamer – mid-level, contemporary design, comfort product
  • Ultimate 3.0 – premium product, luxurious feel, high-end design details, ultra-comfortable

“We have been working closely with our local distribution partner CDB Group in Australia and our team in Hong Kong,” said Van Der List “Our focus is on growing Go Travel’s travel retail network with strong, experienced partners in key regions across the Asian territory.”

Van Der List continued, “There is a demand for Go Travel’s assortment in Asia Pacific as we have received many inquiries since the last time we were in Singapore. It is a market with significant opportunities for continued growth that will further strengthen our global brand position.”

With a commitment to expanding its presence in the Asia region, Go Travel is poised to tap into the opportunities presented by this market and strengthen its global brand position.

Go Travel will reveal an updated trade show stand in Singapore, where the new product design developments are on display. Plus, the latest branding-led ad campaign will feature on all the walls; meanwhile the dynamic new Ultimate 3.0 video campaign will play on a large back wall screen to showcase the brand’s luxury offer.

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