March 2023: Go Travel is pleased to launch a 3-tier strategy for its travel pillows to further expand its presence in the global travel retail marketplace.

The travel accessories specialist is launching its new 3-tier pillow strategy with a clear focus on ‘right product, right place, right price’ ensuring it captures every level of customer within the airport retail experience.

“We have three core travel pillows at three key price points. Our mission for the GTR market is to maximise opportunities to sell the right product in the right place at the right price,” said Denz van der List, VP of Sales for Go Travel.

Go Travel’s travel pillow offer comprises:

  • Memory ZZZs – affordable, entry-level product focused on value for money
  • Memory Dreamer – mid-level, contemporary design, comfort product
  • Ultimate 3.0 – premium product, luxurious feel, high-end design details, ultra-comfortable

Along with the above, Go Travel will have American versions of the pillows: ZZZs, American Dreamer and Ultimate 3.0 supplied from its US production facility.

Our 3-tier range allows us to work with travel retail partners on delivering the best possible product offering in the right location. We’re looking at a number of metrics, such as terminal, airline and passenger demographics; these elements give us opportunities to be flexible with our SKUs and feature different tiered products side by side accordingly,” said van der List.

Go Travel’s regional focus is paving the way to stronger partnerships. “We have seen how successful our American Dreamer product range has been in the US since we launched it in 2019 and we plan to build on this by developing exclusive options with our travel retail partners,” said van der List.


For further information contact: Row Holland or Alison Farrington